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Terms of Use: Please be aware of the Terms of Use (details regarding our licenced journals in "Terms of Use"/ Intranet)

Access details: You will find the access details (which volumes, specific conditions) in EZB/ Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek

Access from off-campus: Please be aware that from off-campus you only can access licenced material via connect/VPN, details in guide Remote access guide via connet/VPN (Intranet)

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Scientific articles from journals

All e-Journals and their licence details (eJournals A-Z via EZB):

Via EZB/ Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek you have access to more than 7000 licenced e-Journals and thousends of public-domain e-Journals and hence - altogether 51000 eJournals are available for you.

Which journals and which issues you can access is shown by signal colour (see EZB-section below).


Remote access:  Access journals and its contents from off-campus

Using eJournals from off-campus (via connect / VPN):

Please note:  Articles of licenced journals -yellow - are accessible in full text on campus , when you are off-campus please use other options:


  1. Remote access - Institutional login via Shibboleth:


  1. Remote access via Libkey Nomad (Browser Addon): it shows if a subscribed or free version is available, more details and Download Browser-Addon LibKey Nomad


  1. Remote access via connect/ VPN (connecting to your HZI device on campus): Remote access guide via connet/VPN (Intranet) --> authentificate with your personal login data (the one for PC, mail), this guide is at: Intranet > Bibliothek > Downloads


According to the kind of licence (see color and access details in EZB via clicking on the journal's title) you are allowed to access

  • all published volumes
  • the volumes of a specific period

durch Klick auf diesen Screenshot kommen Sie zur EZB

Tip: step-by-step manual:

"From the eJournal to the article"


Can't access the full text?

please use the service FATER at the intranet page "subito-Fernleihe/ ILL". (Please note: articles of licenced journals -yellow - are only accessible in full text on campus. If it is not subscribed by us we try to get the preferred article for members of our institution.)

You have questions? We really like to assist you.


Browse eJournals via BrowZine (for mobile devices via App)  -see Science-AppsBrowzine-Geräteauswahl.png

BrowZine is an Application for the convenient search and use of eJournals (usable on Smartphone, Tablet, Kindle & Laptop/ PC). Browzine enables a fast access to thousands of our licenced eJournals and shows related eJournals.

<= BrowZine-Searchbox (left) for searching in our eJournals

With BrowZine you can
• Place your favorite magazines in your own virtual shelf via "My Bookshelf" (at first: register for an Browzine account),
• find thematically matching / related eJournals
• browse in "My Articles" through the recent tables of content andBrowZine-Layout
• download interesting articles.
• use numerous additional features

Introductional video "Getting started with Browzine"

  1. Download the free app for Android, iOS or Kindle Fire via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store or open BrowZine in your Browser at PC/ Laptop.
  2. Please select from "CHOOSE MY LIBRARY" the institution "Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung GmbH" to get displayed our licenced journals in BrowZine 
  3. Authentificate your mobile device at the first time via Hard token (of our IT-service) or Softtoken (z.B. PulseSecure), to be able to use our subscribed journals as authentificated staff member of HZI also off-campus.
  4. To use the functions "My Bookshelf" and "My Articles" create a personal BrowZine-account.
  5. The eJournals can be sorted thematically or by ImpactFaktor or searched alphabetically for the title.
  6. Clicking on the journal cover leads you to the table of contents of the current issue and the respective pdf files of individual articles.

(From off-campus there might be necessary to open Browzine via VPN/ connect. Shibboleth for BrowZine is planned, further tests have to be made so that all subscribed content is accessible)


Via our subscription to BrowZine we also subscribe to Libkey Nomad (Browser Addon): this Browser-add on shows if a subscribed or free version is accessible, more details and Download Browser-Addon LibKey Nomad

(last update: 13. June 2023)


The contents of OpenAccess-journals (listed in DOAJ, Directory of OpenAccess-Journals) can be used for free, they are available as OpenAccess. Especially regarding the exploding costs of traditional journal (e.g. institutional subscription fees) and the growing importance of long-term archiving a support of OpenAccess is necessary. - Please read here how you can support OpenAccess and how we as library support OpenAccess at our institution.

Printed Journals

Printed Journals

We have purchased numerous printed journals which you may

* Most journals we have only subscribed as electronic versions and not in print (so these are not in our journal display in the reading lounge of HZI Library)

* Tip: Which journals and bulletins we have purchased you can see in our list of our printed journals and bulletins of our journal display. Via link to the elektronic journals' library / EZB you can check if an electronic version exists and if you can access it (see Online-Zeitschriften/ eJournals). All journals that we purchased are also referenced in our library catalog.



a) The inventory information for our continuing set - bound journal volumes and (book) series - you can find in the PDF "journals and serials collection".

With the PDF of the journals and serials collection we offer you:

  • an overview of the whole serials collection which consists of bounded volumes as well as (book)series (sorted alphabetically)
  • a search function regarding a specific journal or (book) series
  • info regarding which periods we have from which journal or (book)series

Are you missing specific bounded journals or (book) series? Please ask us whether there is an alternative way to access it.



b) The recently published journal issues (see printed journals) are located - as well as the bookcrossing station - in the reading area at the journal display.

(For details regarding our services in the facilities please have a look at "Raum für...").


Please don't hesitate to ask us in case of questions.

(last update: 8. Aug. 2019)


Corona-resources collection (updated: 3. Dec. 2021) - Friday, April 17, 2020

Bitte beachten Sie unsere regelmäßig aktualisierte Sammlung "Free and useful resources on Corona" (letztes Update: 3. Dez. 2021, 18 Seiten) in Aktuelles (19.Newspost)

Please be also aware of our regularly updated collection "Free and useful resources on Corona" (last update: 3. Dec. 2021, 18 pages) in  News (19. Newspost)


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