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Which eBooks are licenced for you?
HZI library offers various eBooks. These eBooks are accessible via Internet and can be downloaded completely or by chapter (special hardware/readers not required):

Using eBooks from off-campus (via connect / VPN):

Please note:  Content of licenced eBooks are accessible in full text on campus , when you are off-campus please use connect (/VPN)Remote access guide via connet/VPN (Intranet) --> authentificate with your personal login data (the one for PC, mail), this guide is at: Intranet > Wissenschaft > Bibliothek > Downloads

Ebook Central (formerly EBL) consists of ca. 167.000 eBooks that you can all browse and read for a short time. All Titles are available for Browsing up to 5 minutes (= in case of not acquired titles) and up to 10 minutes (= in case of acquired titles). Within this period, no use will be charged. Short-time usage up to 20€ can be chosen by you, higher costs for book aquisition and/or usage must be approved by HZI Library -> Take part in user-driven aquisition and suggest interesting books to the library.



EcoSal Plus is the continuation of the book Neidhardt et al.: Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium : cellular and molecular biology - 2Volumes, in collection with shelf mark: MB-20 16 (1) and MB-20 16 (2)
Domain 1: Historical Perspectives
Domain 2: Cell Architecture and Growth
Domain 3: Metabolism
Domain 4: Synthesis and Processing of Macromolecules
Domain 5: Responding to the Environment
Domain 6: Evolution and Genomics
Domain 7: Genetics and Genetic Tools
Domain 8: Pathogenesis
Domain 9: Life in Communities and the Environment
Domain 10: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
EcoSal Plus is now available as eJournal (ISSN: 2324-6200) and was published until 2015 as eBook. (A new edition in print is not provided by the publisher.)
The Elsevier-/Sciencedirect-eBooks highlighted in green (ca. 280 eBooks, Filter "subscription & complimentary")  are aquired by us. (Via "Titles starting with..." all eBooks are sorted alphabetically.)
At Elsevier we have basically licenced all eBooks of the following subject areas:
  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Immunology and Microbiology
kürzlich veröffentlichte Sciencedirect-eBooks [Online Books connect] : "Online Books connect" Online Books connect" offers Release news since 2013. For instance, we now have access to the eBooks "Advances in Applied Microbiology", "Advances in Virus Research" and "Annual reports on NMR-Spectroscopy".

Herdt: "All you can read"-Ebooks

The extensive ebook collection "All you can read" of the Herdt-Verlag is now available (until 31.12.2019) for our IP addresses and can be used without login/ registration.

The access on "All You Can Read" is possible from the campus network via the website www.herdt-campus.de where all Ebooks can be used free of charge. The following notification will pop-up:
go to: Herdt-Ebooks

Professional IT knowledge for research and teaching

HERDT-Verlag is one of the leading providers of IT educational media. The learning media covers more than 500 IT topics, from Microsoft Office applications to database systems, networking techniques and the latest design programs:

- 150 eBooks on Microsoft 365, Office (2021, 2019, 2016,...)

- 50 eBooks on Windows, servers and support

- 60 eBooks on image processing, graphics and DTP

- 40 eBooks on programming and databases

With the ALL YOU CAN READ offer, all students, staff and teachers have the opportunity to use the HERDT learning materials as a PDF download, including all digital additional media with many exercises, learning videos and knowledge tests.

The Prokaryotes (Springer)

The Prokaryotes, 4th edition 2013
Prokaryotic Biology and Symbiotic Associations
Print: in reference collection with shelf mark: MB-20LS 1c (1)
Vol. 1: Prokaryotic biology and symbiotic associations
Vol. 2: Prokaryotic communities and ecophysiology
Vol. 3: Prokaryotic physiology and biochemistry
Vol. 4: Applied bacteriology and biotechnology
Vol. 5: Human microbiology
Vol. 6: Actinobacteria
Vol. 7: Firmicutes and Tenericutes
Vol. 8: Alphaproteobacteria and Betaproteobacteria
Vol. 9: Gammaproteobacteria
Vol. 10: Deltaproteobacteria and Epsilonproteobacteria
Vol. 11: Other major lineages of bacteria and the Archaea


The Prokaryotes, 3rd edition 2006


A Handbook on the Biology of Bacteria
Print: in reference collection with shelf mark MB-20LS 1b (1)








These links will take you directly to the different volumes of prokaryotes, as the search functions on Springer Link are unsuitable for finding the complete volumes as you can only find individual articles from the volumes.




Wiley-eBooks (Wiley)


The Wiley-eBooks licenced by us are shown with the icon of an open lock wiley-schloss.jpg
You can browse the Wiley-collection via "Publication titles" or list all book titles via clicking on
"Publications A-Z" .
Projekt Gutenberg biggest platform of free eBooks. You can also browse the american Gutenberg-Site.
Oapen.org (Open Access Publishing in European Networks) lists all european Open Access-Book publisher. Many university presses are involved.
DOAB.org (Directory of Open Access Books) more than 2500 Academic peer-reviewed books from 83 publishers. The directory aims to increase discoverability of Open Access books
Your suggestions regarding additional eBook platforms are always welcome.






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