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What does Mendeley offer to you? How to get upgraded to Mendeley Premium Seats? Mendeley-logo

Mendeley ( is a free cross-platform, cloud-based reference management software. It offers many options to manage literature/ references (as an individual or a group), work with PDFs and write a paper including footnotes and a bibliography more easily - learn more about Mendeley in this video and in the Mendeley Quick Reference Guide.


What exactly does Mendeley offer to you?

  • Cross-platform: can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux as well as mobile devices
  • Automatic synchronisation of literature collections (both, Mendeley Online and Mendeley Desktop) via the cloud
  • Automatic import of references from Web of Science, Google Scholar and many other sources (via Mendeley Web Importer)
  • Collaboration on literature collections and projects (via Mendeley Groups see Guide on Groups)
  • Integrated PDF processing tool
  • Automatic compilation of literature lists / bibliographies (via plug-in in different word processing programs – how to install and use the plugin see here).
  • Large selection of predefined citation styles.
  • advanced search features

Once a librarian has completed all three levels of “Mendeley Certification Program for Librarians”, their institution receives a free premium Mendeley upgrade for up to 500 of their users. Mendeley Premium Seats was activated on 20.10.2015 and ended on 31.3. 2017 - with Mendeley Premium you benefit from the following Mendeley Premium Features (you will keep the premium features as long as you keep your current institutional email address):

  • Increase in personal storage for each user, from 2 GB to 100 GB  (formerly to 5 GB)
  • Increase in group storage, from 100 MB to 100 GB (formerly to 20 GB)
  • Increase in private group size, from three to 25 members (also enhanced, will be updated when official / secured data is obtained)
  • Increase in number of private groups, from one to unlimited
  • Automatic literature recommendations (Mendeley Suggest)

(The official going-live of the Mendeley Premium Seats was on October, the 20th -together with the Scopus/Mendeley workshop held by HZI Library)

BTW: Library's Mendeley Service (Mendeley Premium Seats) is part of the InFact-issue 3, 2016: http://intranet-hzi/I/Z/OeA/InFact2/Forms/Infact Archiv.aspx > HZI_Infact-2016_03 (Deutsch), p. 2: ""Premiumpaket zur Literaturverwaltung" (Intranet, authentification with you personal PC-login details necessary)


Institutional Group (for HZI-, HIPS- and Twincore-members)

HZI-group on MendeleyMake the most of the aforementioned advantages by joining as member of HZI, HIPS or Twincore the institutional Mendeley-group

HZI (Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research), HIPS, Twincore.

Of course, you can also join when you don't want to upgrade right now ;-)





Upgrade to Mendeley Premium Seats was possible until March 2017



Please contact Mrs. Schulz (sch13) in case of questions or problems.