SciFindern is the biggest chemical database worldwide (only accessible on campus) => please contact the library's manager Mr. A. Plähn for login data

  • DIRECT ACCESS to the unmatched CAS content collection, patent documents and step-by-step synthetic procedures and methods
  • The most advanced Chemical RELEVANCE SEARCH ENGINE shows you where to start and what to focus on
  • Platform for machine learning & AI, COMPUTER-AIDED SYNTHETIC DESIGN, patent search and workflow

SciFindern-Login (login with your personal login credentials; from SciFinder-login page https://scifinder.cas.org/scifinder/login you get -until Oct. 14, 2021 - to SciFinder-n via "Go to SciFinder-n"-Button, on resp. after 15. Oct. 2021 you have to use the new SciFinder-n URL https://scifinder-n.cas.org

from 15th October onwards the new URL to SciFindern is the following: https://scifinder-n.cas.org - migrate your saved answers and alerts from CAS SciFinder to CAS SciFindern (if you haven’t done yet) please migrate them now before you lose access to them see CAS's "Important notice: access ends..." : use star-icon to get to your saved searches & below search filters there is the option "migrate alerts & saved results" see CAS-webinar "Moving to SciFinder-n", min. 9- 9:48)

migrate saved searches to SciFinder-n


Did you know? With your current ID and password, you also have access to:

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interactive SciFindern-Trainings (English), view also recordings of previous webinars.


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(last Update: 7. Oct. 2021)

SciFinder-n https://scifinder-n.cas.org (personal login data via Mr. Plähn)