OpenAccess in Wiley

Wiley-DEAL in general

Since 15.1. the Wiley-DEAL-contract is put into practice with all the eligible institutions that wanted to participate in the DEAL-contract (see HRK Circular No.2).

The contract runs from 15.01.2019 to 31.12.2021.

Important key points including (start) data:

  • 22.01.2019 Activation of all authorized participating institutions for all WILEY-journals (about 1.700 titles), with archive access back to 1997!
  • 31.03.2019 Institutions wishing to participate must have submitted their membership declarations to MPDL Service GmbH and WILEY by that date, otherwise the facility will be disconnected from free access.
  • 01.07.2019 All manuscripts accepted for publication (acceptance date: 01.07.2019 or later) with corresponding authors from the participating institutions will be published immediately and free of charge Open Access (with CC-BY, only for a few journals with CC-BY-NC-ND).


Publications in WILEY Gold OA-Journals (WileyOPEN) will continue to be billed individually, but with a 20% discount on publication fees. Due to our framework agreement with WILEY, these Gold OA publications continue to be paid out of the library's OA publication fund! Thus there will be no additional cost for the authors, as so far already been handled.



What to consider regarding Wiley-OpenAccess?

1) OpenAccess-Publishing with Wiley

There are 2 kinds of OpenAccess-Publishing with Wiley

a)       OnlineOpen without additional fee as default in previously subscription-based Journals in case of the acceptance date from 1st July on (currently ca. 1440 Journals see list of hybrid OA-Journals (Wiley OnlineOpen)

Wählen Sie im Wiley-Author-Dashboard:

„Yes I would like to make my Article OpenAccess” (as default without additional fee)

Workflow for authors: Publishing in a OnlineOpen-journal (see below)


b)      OpenAccess-Publishing in a GoldOpenAccess-Journal (currently ca. 120 GoldOA-Journals see list of pure OA-Journals (Wiley OpenAccess)

Workflow for authors: Publishing in a pure Gold-OA-journal (see below ) 


2)      Funded Article types

Review, Research Article / original studies are eligible for coverage under the DEAL project.


3)      Affiliation has to be indicated correctly

The affiliation of the corresponding author receives the article invoice.

For publications, authors should always specify at least the so-called Primary Affiliation. This is the institution where the research has been done. This is important because the article of this institution is also allocated financially.

Choose the affiliation at http://www.wileyauthors.com/accountcodes

Twincore-Angehörige choose TWINCORE , Zentrum für Experimentelle und Klinische Infektionsforschung GmbH  (Code: D741),

all the others (members of HZI or the other sites) choose Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (Code: D231)


 Additional Links:


Workflow a)       OnlineOpen without additional fee


Workflow b)      OpenAccess-Publishing in a GoldOpenAccess-Journal

Workflow b Wiley GoldOpenAccess