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Immigrant medicine

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Author: Search for this author Walker, Patricia Frye [Hrsg.]
Year: 2007
Publisher: Philadelphia, Saunders Elsevier
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Table of Contents
James M. Jaranson, MD, MA, MPH, Consultant, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; and William M. Stauffer, MD, MSPH & DTMH, Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease & International Medicine, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.
Section 1: Introduction to Immigrant Medicine
1. An Introduction to the Field of Refugee and Immigrant Healthcare (Walker & Barnett)
2. Compassion (Shlim)
3. Health and Well-being of Immigrants:The Healthy Migrant Phenomenon (Fennely)
4. Action Steps to Improve the Health of New Americans (Ohmans & Smith)
5. Language Assistance for Limited English Proficient Patients: Legal Issues (Hunt)
6. Communicating with Limited English Proficient Patients: Interpreter Services (Berg & van Dyke)
7. Multicultural Medicine (Culhane-Pera & Borkan)
8. Cultural Competence: A Patient-Based Approach to Caring for Immigrants (Green, Betancourt & Carillo)
9. Cultural Competence: Healthcare Disparities and Political Issues (Betancourt, Green, Carillo and Park)
Section 2: Medical Screenings and Immunizations for New Immigrants
10. Overseas Medical Screening for Immigrants and Refugees (Maloney, Ortega and Cetron)
11. US Medical Screening for Immigrants and Refugees: Public Health Issues.(Cochran, O'Fallon and Geltman)
12. US Medical Screening for Immigrants and Refugees: Clinical Issues.(Seybolt, Barnett & Stauffer)
13. Immunizations for Immigrants.(Barnett)
Section 3: Epidemiology of Diseases and Disorders in Immigrants (edited by Dr. W Stauffer)
14. Differential Diagnoses of Ill Immigrants by Organ System. (Neild & Rothenberger)
15. Diseases by Country of Origin (Wilson)
16. Diseases by Race/Ethnicity .(Summer & Stauffer)
17. Diseases with Long Latency Periods .(Boulware)
18. Emerging Infectious Diseases of Immigrant Patients .(Sellman & Pederson)
Section 4: Major Diseases and Disorders in Immigrants
19. Tuberculosis . (Bernardo)
20. Intestinal Parasites . (Mody)
21. Eosinophilia . (Kim & Nutman)
22. Hepatitis B: Global Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Prevention . (Amstrong, Goldstein)
23. Management of Chronic Hepatitis B . (Ricci)
24. HIV Infection . (Crosby, Piwowarczyk & Cooper)
25. Skin Problems . .(Keystone)
Section 5: Additional Diseases and Disorders in Immigrants
26. Chagas’ Disease (American Trypanosomiasis) (Maguire)
27. Taenia Solium and Neurocysticercosis .(White Jr and Yancey)
28. Echinococcosis . (Moro & Schantz
29. Giardiasis . ((Barnett). . . . . 421
30. Helicobacter Pylori. (Gebhard & Gebhard)
31. Hepatitis C. .(Amstrong & Williams)
32. Hookworm Infection. (Hotez)
33. Leishmaniasis . .(Juckett)
34. Leprosy . (Joyce)
35. Loiasis . .(Barnett)
36. Lymphatic Filariasis .(Barnett)
37. Malaria . (Stauffer)
38. Onchocerciasis . (Barnett)
39. Schistosomiasis . (Posey & Stauffer)
40. Strongyloides .(Boulware)
Section 6: Chronic Illness in Immigrants
41. Preventive Healthcare in Children . (Mody)
42. Preventive Healthcare and Management of Chronic Diseases in Adults. (Walker)
43. Women’s Health Issues (Bruce)
44. Women’s Reproductive Health . (Gagnon, Merry & Robinson)
45. Dental Diseases and Disorders. . (Cote & Singh)
46. Anemia and Red Blood Cell Disorders. (Hurley)
Section 7: Mental Health and Illness in Immigrants (edited by Dr. J Jaranson)
Overview of the Mental Health Section
47. Epidemiology and Risk Factors. (Jaranson, Ekblad, Kroupin & Eisenman)
48. Screening for Mental Health Problems and History of Torture .(Eisenman)
49. Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Illness. (Kinzie, Jaranson & Kroupin)
50. Survivors of Torture: A Hidden Population .(Wenzel, Kastrup & Eisenman)
51. Interpersonal Violence Towards Women . (Ekblad, Kastrup, Eisenman & Arcel)
52. Children and Adolescents . (Ellis & Betancourt)
Section 8: Special Issues in Immigrant Medicine
53. Religion and Spirituality in the Lives of Immigrants in the United States (Barnes)
54. School Readiness and Bilingual Education .(Augustyn)
55. Vocational Considerations . (Piwowarczyk, Clark & Caballes)
56. Health Literacy. (Larsen)
57. Healthcare for Migrant Workers. (Piper-Jenks, Nolon & Dubois-Adach)
58. Visiting Friends and Relatives. .(Keystone)


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Author: Search for this author Walker, Patricia Frye [Hrsg.]
Statement of Responsibility: Patricia Frye Walker ; Elizabeth D. Barnett
Year: 2007
Publisher: Philadelphia, Saunders Elsevier
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