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Your OA-approach

We recommend the following procedure if you want to publish an article in an Open Access-journal :

  • select the appropriate journal

Please check which journal is suitable for you.


Please check if a journal is a high-quality journal and not a fraudulent journal/ hijacked journal - checklist "Clues to quality of journals"Div bearbeiten


Furthermore, please check if the journal in which you want to publish allows a postprint publication (e.g. in HZI OpenRepository) at SHERPA/RoMEO. (The best choice would be the colour "green".) Details on the legal aspect can be found in the FAQs about the so-called Zweitveröffentlichungsrecht / ZVR (UrhG § 38 Abs. 4) published by the focus initiative "Digitale Information".

The different ways of publishing are shown in this picture (published as CC):


Attention should also be paid to methods of quality assurance (peer review etc.) and to the type of financing (golden way, green way, hybrid journal etc.). During searching for a suitable journal the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a very helpful tool. You can look for the journal's impact factor via the journal's provider (e.g. BioMed Central) or via Journal Citation Report. Currently, specific methods for measuring the impact factor, so-called "Alt-metrics", are also being developed for Open Access journals (see "ImpactFactor and additional information", 9.Mai 2014).

(If you are not sure wether to publish in an Open Access-journal please keep in mind that recent studies have shown that the impact of OA articles is significantly higher than that of limited-access articles.)

  • submit your article

Submit your publication to the journal of your choice. Please indicate in case of an institutional membership (see HZI and OpenAccess) the HZI as a member institution.

  • Let your article be available in HZI OpenRepository

When your article is published, please ensure the long-term archiving of your research results and findings and thus enable the re-use of it via HZI Open Repository. The HZI Open Repository and the HZI publication database are run as full service units for scientists of HZI, (HIPS) and Twincore  and the Studienzentrum Hannover: the HZI Library takes custody of  adding and enriching - you as a scientist need only to send the submitted manuscript (see Policy).

The benefits of adding your publications to the repository is explained in this video-Teaser:




If you have questions regarding publishing and OpenAccess or if you need additional support please do not hesitate to contact us.