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Labster virtual lab experiments: basic biochemistry

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Verfasser: Suche nach diesem Verfasser Gardner, Aaron (Verfasser); Duprez, Wilko (Verfasser); Stauffer, Sarah (Verfasser); Ayu Kencana Ungu, Dewi (Verfasser); Clauson-Kaas, Frederik (Verfasser)
Jahr: [2019]
Verlag: Berlin, Springer Spektrum
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This textbook helps you to prepare for your next exams and practical courses by combining theory with virtual lab simulations. The “Labster Virtual Lab Experiments” series gives you a unique opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge in a learning game that simulates exciting laboratory experiments. Try out different techniques and work with machines that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.
In this book, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of basic biochemistry focusing on:
Ionic and Covalent Bonds
Introduction to Biological Macromolecules
Enzyme Kinetics
In each chapter, you’ll be introduced to one virtual lab simulation and a true-to-life challenge. Following a theory section, you’ll be able to play the relevant simulation that includes quiz questions to reinforce your understanding of the covered topics. 3D animations will show you molecular processes not otherwise visible to the human eye.
If you have purchased a printed copy of this book, you get free access to five simulations for the duration of six months. If you’re using the e-book version, you can sign up and buy access to the simulations at


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Verfasserangabe: Aaron Gardner, Wilko Duprez, Sarah Stauffer, Dewi Ayu Kencana Ungu, Frederik Clauson-Kaas
Jahr: [2019]
Verlag: Berlin, Springer Spektrum
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Systematik: Suche nach dieser Systematik BC-90, FO-80
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ISBN: 9783662584989
2. ISBN: 3662584980
Beschreibung: VII, 86 Seiten, Illustrationen
Schlagwörter: Ausbildung, Biochemie Methoden, Fortbildung
Beteiligte Personen: Suche nach dieser Beteiligten Person Ayu Kencana Ungu, Dewi; Clauson-Kaas, Frederik
Sprache: Englisch
Mediengruppe: Ausleihbestand