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Author: González-Escalona, Narjol; Romero, Jaime; Guzmán, Carlos A.
Year: 2006
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
Media group: GBF-Publikationen
0 ratings
Author: Höfle, Manfred G.; Flavier, Sébastien; Christen, Richard
Year: 2005
Publisher: Society for Applied Microbiology and Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
Media group: GBF-Publikationen
0 ratings
Author: Spadaccini, Roberta; Reidt, Ulrich; Dybkov, Olexandr
Year: 2006
Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Media group: GBF-Publikationen
0 ratings
Author: Eichler, Stefan; Christen, Richard; Höltje, Claudia
Year: 2006
Publisher: American Society for Microbiology
Media group: GBF-Publikationen
Hepatitis C virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (NS5B polymerase)
0 ratings
Author: Hagedorn, Curt H.; Beers, E. H. van; Staercke, C. De
Probing RNA structure and RNA-ligand complexes with chemical probes
0 ratings
Author: Brunel, Christine; Romby, Pascale
In vitro selection of RNA substrates for ribonuclease P and its catalytic RNA
0 ratings
Author: Lium Fenyong; Wang, Jun; Trang, Phong
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