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B cell development and its deregulation to transformed states at the pre-B cell receptor-expressing pre-BII cell stage
0 ratings
Author: Melchers, Fritz
0 ratings
Year: 2011
Publisher: Berlin, Springer
Media group: Ausleihbestand
0 ratings
Author: Leuker, Christoph E.; Labow, Mark; Müller, Werner
Year: 2001
Publisher: New York, N.Y., Rockefeller University Press
Media group: GBF-Publikationen
0 ratings
Author: Roers, Axel; Siewe, Lisa; Strittmatter, Elke
Year: 2004
Publisher: The Rockefeller University Press
Media group: GBF-Publikationen
New insights into the phenotype and cell derivation of B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
0 ratings
Author: Klein, U.; Dalla-Favera, R.
methods and protocols
0 ratings
Year: 2006
Publisher: Totowa, NJ, Humana Press
Series: Methods in molecular biology; 341
Media group: Ausleihbestand
0 ratings
Author: Kirkin, Vladimir; Thiele, Wilko; Baumann, Petra
Year: 2004
Publisher: Wiley-Liss, Inc.
Media group: GBF-Publikationen
0 ratings
Year: 1999
Publisher: Washington, DC, ASM Pr.
Media group: Dauerleihe
Phenotypic and molecular characterization of human peripheral blood B-cell subsets with special reference to N-region addition and Jk -usage in VkJk.joints and k/ -ratios in naive versus memory B-cell subsets to identify traces of receptor editing
0 ratings
Author: Klein, Ulf; Rajewsky, K.; Küppers, R.
The formation and selection of cells expressing PreB cell receptors and B cell receptors
0 ratings
Author: Boekel, E. ten; Yamagami, T.; Andersson, Jan
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